Carmody: A Brief History

The surname Carmody, dates as far back as 1619 with the main families living in Counties Cork, Clare, Limerick, and Kerry in Ireland

Our own family lived in Listowel, Kerry and for a starting point we go forward to:

Maurice Carmody who married Bridget Riordan in Duagh (near Listowel) on 15/2/1862.
Maurice and Bridget had nine children, including twins. Tom, born 23/11/1862 married Catherine Lawlee, lived at 27 William St. Paddy, born 28/2/1864 married A. Lyons, they went to America. Hannie (Johanna) born 18/9/1870, she did not marry and lived with her parents at 29 William St. Twins, Maurice and Michael born 29/7/1872, they died as infants. Bridgie, born18/2/1874, married Mike O,Mahoney, lived at 5 William St (no children) Jeremiah, born 18/2/1877. We do not know anymore about him. William (Willie) born 26/3/1879, unmarried, he lived in a thatched house in Clieveragh Listowel, and our own grandfather

John Carmody who was born in 1866.
John married Nora Walsh, born also in 1866, the daughter of John Walsh and Elizabeth Scanlon. Nora was one of seven children.
(We will have more of Nora Walsh's family history soon)
John and Nora lived in Listowel at 25 William St, (often called Patrick St by the locals) They had eight children, unfortunately three of which died in infancy, their names were William, Patrick and James.
The five surviving children were, Maurice, John Francis, Elizabeth (Lillian), Bridie Mai and Vincent Michael. They were a close knit catholic family as shown in the hundreds of photos and written letters and documents, with Maurice becoming a catholic priest and Bridie Mai joining the convent and traveling to South Africa working as a missionary nun for over 40 years. Her chosen name in the order was Sister Mary Canisius. John died in November 1923 aged 56 years, and his wife Nora died eight years later on the 14th March 1931 aged 66 Years.

The house they lived in is owned today by John and Nora's Grandson Vincent Carmody (son of John Francis and Josie Walsh). Vincent is the author of the book "North Kerry Camera" a photographic record of Listowel and its surroundings 1860 to 1960. He is also the proprietor of "Irish Originals"

Moving on............
The now Reverend Father Maurice Carmody traveled to Australia in the late 1920s and carried out his pastoral duties in the Auburn, Redfern, and Liverpool areas in Sydney in what a good family friend, Charlotte Jackson, (Lottie) as we knew her, described to me as very harsh conditions with very limited support from the church. Lottie worked with Fr Carmody, mainly in visiting sick and dying patients in hospitals and their homes around the south western areas of Sydney. Lottie was also my godmother.

Maurice's younger brother, Vincent Michael followed and in Feb/March 1931 sailed to Australia on The S S " Morton Bay", a one class service operating between England and Australia. The ship was armed and used as a troop carrier during the second world war and it was sold for scrap in the 1950s.



I wish to acknowledge and thank my cousin Vincent Carmody of Listowel, Ireland, for his generous help with facts and photos on this page.


Peter Carmody